The Business of Authority

Knowing Your Audience

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How well do you know your audience?

Episode Notes

How well do you know your audience?

Talking Points

Quotable Quotes

“A lot of people just think about their skills, they think about what their capabilities are, they’re very much thinking about themselves in sort of an employee/resume type mindset and not what they can do for their clients. And when I say do, I mean transform.” –JS

“You want to start with this idea, this picture in your head of who your audience is.” –RM

“If you want to know what your clients are thinking or you’re trying to pick a niche or whatever, go online and find where they’re talking.” –JS

“It may strike fear in your heart, but you have to do it anyway. If you can’t bring yourself to do it anyway, yeah, rethink leaving the salaried job.” –RM