The Business of Authority

Growing Your Authority Circle

Episode Summary

How to think about your Authority Circle and start growing it right now

Episode Notes

The leap of faith required to act generously right from the start of any promising relationship.

Moving transactional interactions—like say guesting on a podcast—into relational ones.

How to find the right watering holes for other leaders in your niche—without limiting yourself to social media.

The one invitation you can offer new contacts that is often a hard yes.

The sometimes hidden value from buying cohort-based courses and programs.


“There needs to be a leap of faith in your mind that reaching out to broaden your authority circle (to maybe someday amplify your message), is gonna start off by you showing up in a generous way to help other people.”—JS

“You’re in the green room and you have this interaction and then afterwards you've developed a rapport and you've got the opportunity to build a relationship—I love podcasting for that.”—RM

“There's this group of people that are all climbing the same mountain, but we're at different points or different places so we don't know they're there.”—JS

“You can move something that's a transaction into something more relational.”—RM

“A good watering hole: some kind of class that has a cohort where people are birds of a feather flocking around this particular idea.”—JS

“I wanna find other people like me, because guess what? The Chamber of Commerce in my town doesn't have anybody like me.”—RM 

“If you cannot find a watering hole—like you're pretty clear about who you're looking for, but you just cannot find a place where they gather online—you can start one.”—JS

“You will help them (new contacts) because you think what they're doing is interesting or there's something about their story that resonates with you.”—RM