The Business of Authority

Dealing With Critics

Episode Summary

Do critics drive us batty or do they drive us to be better? Why even uninvited criticism can serve a vital purpose (and how to deal when it doesn’t)

Episode Notes

The difference between getting critiqued by your email list, social media types and your intimates.

How to think about criticism from your circle and use it to benefit the revolution you’re leading.

When to unplug or take steps to protect your mental health.

Deciding whether your critics are coming for you (to be helpful) or at you (to tear you down a peg).

When receiving criticism can be a form of deep care (and how to keep the right kind coming).


“I think people (critics), are a little bit more thoughtful in email than social media.”—JS

“Just breathe. Walk away from the keyboard...”—RM

“When somebody on my list sends me one of these sort of polite pushback kinds of things, they're usually right.”—JS

“I have unfollowed and blocked (social media critics) for my mental health because I don't need somebody who's just gonna go around trolling.”—RM

“Where do you get your canary in the coal mine when you actually are wrong, or you actually have too shallow of an understanding of something that's much deeper?”—JS

“I can feel if they (critics) are coming for me or at me—and I take critical feedback really well from the people that I know are for me.”—RM

“You have to consider the messenger. When someone on my list pushes back, I'm like ‘this feedback is totally valid because you are the person I made it for.’”  —JS

“It's so valuable to have somebody tell you when you're doing something that they perceive differently than you do.”—RM