The Business of Authority

Chat GPT For Authority

Episode Summary

We share Chat GPT perspectives for “civilians” and the tech savvy.

Episode Notes

Why Chat GPT can be like having a sort of infinite number of (free) interns.

How to learn and deal with the limitations of the service so you can ensure you’re getting reliable information.

Various use cases for your authority business, including blind spots to watch for.

Understanding the application’s privacy and IP challenges and making decisions in line with your mission.


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“I've heard it described as it's like having a sort of infinite number of interns for free.”—JS

“It doubles down on the things that are already there versus exploring the new and the interesting and the quirky.”—RM 

“It has the opinion of the sort of collective unconscious of people who have posted stuff online. So it's skewed and not perfect and not true…But I used it as a sparring partner for some of my maybe more controversial ideas.”—JS

“Somebody has to take that extra step right now to say, oh what other voices are there on this topic?”—RM

“(We have been experimenting with) an app called Podium that you can upload your audio, your MP3 file, and it goes through and creates the show notes and highlights and quotes and timestamps and chapters with summaries and timestamps, and it takes about 45 seconds and it's free.”—JS

“In this case it's a thinking assistant because it's listening to your words and deciding what to do with them.”—RM 

“Okay here's a wild one, especially for the non-technical people: I told Chat GPT to hand code a webpage for a solo consultant…and boom, it puked out the HTML and the CSS and you just open 'em in your browser and it's like a website.”—JS

“I don't need somebody to listen to an hour (of the podcast) if they can get value in three minutes. That's okay. You're not hurting my feelings. Take what you need. It's a gift.”—RM